Two Wheeler Ambulance

TWA acts a pilot to  four wheeler ambulances and in many cases can supplement them by transporting  patients to the hospital with oxygen and Intravenous support.

Unmanned Vehicle

Custom built unmanned vehicles can help with difficult tasks while humans guide it remotely from a safe distance.

Safety Drive

Often road mishaps occur on highways due to poor visibility and missing reflectors especially on parked trucks or trailers. You could help avoid them by installing reflectors appropriately on ...

Cleanup Drive

Tourist seldom pay attention to cleanliness or bio diversity of pristine Eco zones and clutter the place, you can help clean it using backpack sacks and cleanup sticks.

2012 Bangalore Recce Trax Gurkha Tries the impossible and stuck

Gypsy MG410 rock climb Finally makes it to the Cliff top

Gurkha Just cannot climb a rock Approch Angle not enough

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