Cleanup Drive

cleanup drive

cleanupTourist seldom pay attention to cleanliness or bio diversity of pristine eco zones and clutter the place mostly with snack packs, juice tetra packs and water bottles. Often some of us want to help clean the place but lack the tools to do so.








Presence of litter like tetra packs, water bottles and plastic carry bags not only ruin the appeal of the place but also are dangerous to local flora and fauna as they are not biodegradable.






how We plan to install couple of backpack sacks and rag picking sticks that you can hire for very nominal cost from the same places where tourist buy the products and clutter the place. While returning from the location, you could choose to collect the non bio degradable waste in backpack sacks using cleanup sticks and leave the waste and return the stick at the shop. Later shopkeepers will responsibly dispose the same.




The small amount collected as hire for cleanup sticks and backpack sacks paid to the shop keeper will motivate them to dispose the collected waste and possibly maintain the cleanup equipment. Please capture the place before and after cleanup and also the trash collected post cleanup using our mobile app. This serves as an example and motivates more people to do similar exercise on their trips and also nominate your team for monthly winner of cleanup drive for each zone.