Unmanned Vehicle




Custom built unmanned vehicles can help with difficult tasks while humans guide it remotely from a safe distance. They stream live Audio and Video to control rooms and can be used to probe in to an active disaster zone.






whyUnmanned vehicles find multiple applications in areas such as fire fighting, surveillance and armed forces.
In-case of a fire breakout, they can get closer to a flaming object and help control with robotic arm and extinguishers.
It could also be used in high value locations such as airports, IT parks and corporate offices for video surveillance and provide live situational awareness by streaming video from suspected areas to control room.


howThey can also act as convoy lead vehicles in sensitive areas that are infested with land mines or targeted with intermittent ambush attacks.
The first version is demonstrated with a 4×4 jeep, we now are building the next custom tracked vehicle with robotic arm and improved capabilities.